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martes, agosto 09, 2005

Open Suse

En el momento de crear el post anterior me encontre con esto en DistroWatch :

"The openSUSE project is a worldwide community program sponsored by Novell that promotes the use of Linux everywhere. There are many ways you can participate in the openSUSE project - first you should get a copy of SUSE Linux and install it on your machine: "Currently, SUSE Linux 10.0 Beta 1 (code name: Prague) is an unsupported, open source only, preliminary edition of SUSE Linux that contains bleeding-edge packages and represents the latest development snapshot. If you intend to test for bugs or contribute patches, this version is for you... To download, use BitTorrent for i386 or x86_64 iso images or choose a mirror site near your location." Download from mirrors (i386, MD5): SUSE-10.0-CD-OSS-i386-Beta1-CD1.iso (688MB), SUSE-10.0-CD-OSS-i386-Beta1-CD2.iso (699MB), SUSE-10.0-CD-OSS-i386-Beta1-CD3.iso (690MB), SUSE-10.0-CD-OSS-i386-Beta1-CD4.iso (671MB). Upcoming releases are scheduled here."

Me conecte al sitio y realmente uno puede descargar las versiones anteriores de Suse Linux, realmente una buena noticia de que novell haya patrocinado opensuse (recomendable para novatos) porque era realmente complicado encontrar servidores para descargar las versiones completas de esta distro. que para mi punto de vista es la mas cercana junto con mandriva al usuario final

Descargar versión completa de Suse Linux 9.3